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Here at Lovetts Towing we are fully committed to earning your business. We pride ourselves on having the largest fleet of towing and recovery equipment in the area. With quick response times, a professionally trained staff and reasonable pricing, our team includes experienced and well-trained professional drivers, each fully licensed and certified to ensure high quality auto solutions. Our flatbed trucks and tow dollies are well maintained and we are continually investing in the latest machinery, tools, and computers to advance our capabilities.

Over the past 30 years, we have worked with multiple Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire departments, Corporations, Dealerships, Motor clubs and the general motoring public. Founders Bill and Bev Lovett have built a strong foundation and reputation for 2nd generation tower, Shannon Lovett, and 3rd generation tower, Johnathon Lovett, to build upon. Our towing department is managed by Shannon, an operator who stands out among the areas towing operators. He has traveled throughout the United States seeking the best training from industry leaders. His certifications and accomplishments are as follows:

  • 2/3 4/5 6/7 A Certified WreckMaster at his 1st WreckMasters week long training course in 2006
  • Awarded a plaque and named WreckMasters "Student Of The Class" in Fayetteville NC
  • Towing and Recovery Association of America Certified
  • Miller Ring Leaders Rotator Certified
  • Big Truck Rescue Certified
  • Crosby Rigging Certified
  • Air Cushion Certified
  • Won the Illinois Tow Truck Olympics, setting a new record for fastest time in 2012

We see great potential and that burning desire for knowledge in Johnathon Lovett, our 3rd generation tow operator. At a young age he attended his 1st WreckMaster training course where he too was awarded WreckMasters "Student Of The Class". Backed with a dedicated staff and their relentless need for knowledge and training, Lovetts has become the most requested company for area Police agencies.

Lovetts Towing is a highly qualified specialized towing and recovery company that delivers results. Our equipment operators and technicians are dedicated to providing you with the most professional service at affordable rates. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so you can reach us anytime, day or night. Our large fleet of specialized equipment and trained staff has performed countless lifts and transports of high-end and fragile loads. With this combination, Lovetts Towing can ensure a job well done every time. When our customers want results -- we deliver. We strongly believe if you try us once you'll be a customer for life..

24-Hour Towing
Stranded? Lovetts Towing offers 24-hour towing. Let one of our experienced towing professionals assist you. Please call us at 815-756-4213, and we will get to you quickly so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

AAA Approved Towing
Lovetts Towing is a AAA Approved towing provider. Our auto shop has been inspected and certified by AAA, guaranteeing expert, professional service to you.

Local Towing
Need towing? Lovetts Towing provides local towing. Let one of our experienced professionals help you. Please contact us at 815-756-4213, and we will get to you promptly so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Long Distance Towing
Looking for long distance towing? You've come to the right place. Trust Lovetts Towing's experienced towing professionals to tow your vehicle.

Light Duty Towing
For over 30 years now, Lovetts Towing's fleet of rollbacks and light duty tow trucks have delivered a wide variety of vehicles to their destinations. We have all the proper tools to handle your Domestic or Import vehicles with the utmost care. Wider, longer, heavier vehicles are no problem for our 15,000 pound capacity rollbacks, with removable side rails. We provide special tie-down equipment for motorcycles, antiques and exotics automobiles. Every operator undergoes specialized training to care for your vehicle, and we are proud of them and our of safety record! Our seasoned staff can dispatch the right piece of equipment to you within minutes of your call. We have a fleet of trucks available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to handle all of your Towing and Recovery needs. You can expect quality service from our experienced towing professionals. Please call us at 815-756-4213.

Medium Truck & Heavy-Duty Towing
Our Medium Duty fleet is able to tow a wide array of vehicles, such as dually pickups, 16 passenger vans, step vans, cube vans, box trucks, utility trucks, ambulances, small buses and tractors. Lovetts Towing has provided service for the areas smallest company to the nation?s largest, and has become the preferred company for their Medium Duty towing needs on a daily basis. Our Medium Duty drivers undergo specialized training to assure that your Medium Duty unit is cared for in a prompt and professional manner, regardless of the incident. Lovetts Towing prides themselves for being the only company in Dekalb and surrounding counties to have a fleet of Heavy Duty tow trucks. We can quickly respond anywhere, at anytime to rescue your equipment. Our Heavy-Duty tow trucks are equipped to handle the largest of vehicles on the road, including school buses, coach buses, motor homes, dump trucks, straight trucks, tractor trailers, mobile cranes, construction equipment, fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Working closely with the trucking industry for over 30 years, Lovetts Towing knows the importance of getting our customers trucks back on the road. Our Rotator is one of our most versatile machines, capable of a wide variety of applications. Our certified operators utilize the truck's ability to lift and rotate loads up to 60 tons, a full 360 degrees. With the combined capabilities of our truck and certified operators at the controls, we can ensure our customers that their equipment is cared for in a safe and professionally controlled manner. Our unmatched commitment and ongoing relationships in the trucking industry have allowed Lovetts Towing to become the provider of choice in this area for several large scale trucking companies and owner/operators alike. Lovetts Towing is committed to providing fast, dependable, top of the line service to our customers in need. Contact our towing professionals for all of your Medium and Heavy Duty Towing needs at 815-756-4213.

Flatbed Towing
When it comes to your flatbed towing needs you can trust the experts at Lovetts Towing. Our trained and experienced professionals will be happy to help you with all your flatbed towing needs. Just give us a call at 815-756-4213.

Wheel Lifts
Lovetts Towing offers repossession services, using wheel lifts if necessary. Please call us at 815-756-4213 to discuss your needs!

Junk Car Removal
Need assistance in removing a junk car? We'll help you get rid of your junk car. Please call 815-756-4213 for all of your junk car removal needs.

RV & Motor Home Towing
Not all companies can tow RVS and motor homes. Lovetts Towing is experienced in towing both RVs and motor homes. Call us at 815-756-4213 for expert, professional towing services.

Transport Services
Our Landoll is a specialized lowboy trailer to haul equipment, including buses, limousines, planes, generators, pumps, compressors, bulldozers, excavators, trenchers, forklifts, scissor lifts, booms or any other machinery. We have the equipment to handle any situation! Whether your need of service is a one time event or a more regularly scheduled basis, we are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. See more details regarding our Transport Services below:

  • Equipment Transport
    No matter the size of equipment you need to have transported or the distance you want it taken, Lovetts Towing can ensure it is delivered safely and on time. Trust the experts at Lovetts Towing - call us today at 815-756-4213.

  • Auto Transport
    Whether you're moving cross-country, cross-state, or cross-town, count on Lovetts Towing to safely transport your automobile. Our experienced drivers can assist you whether you're moving, you've sold your car, or you've bought a car and need transport services. Call us at 815-756-4213 to let us know how we can help you.

Rotator / Crane Service
Lovetts Towing has a rotator crane for recovery jobs or any job where an object is just too large to move by other means. Rotator cranes are perfect for tight situations. From tight working areas to low ceilings, a crane can offer more equipment moving and hauling capabilities. Call our experts today at 815-756-4213.

Recovery Services
Lovetts Towing takes great pride in being the area?s top choice for handling the most challenging of recoveries. Our operators are highly trained and certified to solve problems. Lovetts Towing owns a wide variety of support equipment, including loaders, forklifts, skid steer (with multiple attachments including a power broom), emergency response support vehicle, air cushion recovery trailer, semis for our Landoll and dump trailers and fuel transfer equipment. With our numerous pieces of equipment and staff members, we also provide Accident Site Restoration, restoring any accident scene back to pre-accident condition to ease the burden for our clients. If you find yourself in need of Recovery Services, due to an accident, rollover, low bridge, load shift split trailer, or simply stuck in the mud, you can rest assured that Lovetts Towing has the proper equipment and knowledge to resolve any situation in a moment?s notice. See the following list of more specific Recovery Services:

  • Accident Recovery
    If you are in an emergency situation, contact us immediately at 815-756-4213. Lovetts Towing provides reliable, timely towing service. Our towing professionals are able to meet your unique situation's needs.

  • Air Cushion Recovery
    Lovetts Towing offers air cushion recovery which allows us to upright overturned vehicles without the costly offloading of cargo. By distributing the force of lifting over a large surface area, the vehicle sustains little residual damage, keeping repair costs down. Air cushion recovery is versatile and gives us the ability to work in tight quarters. Uses include raising loaded tractor trailers, tankers, airplanes, and underwater recovery. Call Lovetts Towing's experts at 815-756-4213 today!

  • Underwater Recovery
    Lovetts Towing has trained professionals who can recover your submerged vehicle. Contact us at 815-756-4213 so we can discuss your situation and towing needs.

  • Off Road Recovery
    If your vehicle has gotten stuck off-road, we're happy to help you recover it! Give Lovetts Towing a call at 815-756-4213 for expert, professional towing services.

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